YANG Notification


Traditional approaches to remote network state visibility rely

heavily on polling. ?With polling, data is periodically explicitly

retrieved by a client from a server to stay up-to-date.


There are various issues associated with polling-based management:


o ?It introduces additional load on network, devices, and

applications. ?Each polling cycle requires a separate yet arguably

redundant request that results in an interrupt, requires parsing,

consumes bandwidth.




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o ?It lacks robustness. ?Polling cycles may be missed, requests may

be delayed or get lost, often particularly in cases when the

network is under stress and hence exactly when the need for the

data is the greatest.


o ?Data may be difficult to calibrate and compare. ?Polling requests

may undergo slight fluctuations, resulting in intervals of

different lengths which makes data hard to compare. ?Likewise,

pollers may have difficulty issuing requests that reach all

devices at the same time, resulting in offset polling intervals

which again make data hard to compare.