Machine Learning’s Note

  1. Instead, a better approach is to spend time selectively, memorizing a small set of representative ideas while developing strategies on how the ideas relate and how to use the stored information. In this way, large ideas can be understood without needing to memorize them by rote.
  2. The process of fitting a model to a dataset is known as training. When the model has been trained, the data is transformed into an abstract form that summarizes the original information.



1.  低头做事的时候,别忘了抬头看路

2. 做好人生规划,尤其35岁是个坎,很多单位(尤其事业单位)有不低于35岁的年龄要求

3. 跟对领导很重要,除非你特别优秀

4. 当你远离部门核心时,要么及时跳出来,要么想办法让他们及时看到你的作为

5. 时刻不忘记给自己充电