rfc4204 LMP

  1. New mechanisms must be developed to manage the data links, both in terms of link provisioning and fault management.
  2. component links are multiplex capable, whereas ports are not multiplex capable. This distinction is important since the management of such links(including, for example, resource allocation, label assignment, ant their physical verification) is different based on their multiplexing capability.
    3.The link property correlation function of LMP is designed to
    aggregate multiple data links (ports or component links) into a TE
    link and to synchronize the properties of the TE link.
    4.the Test message is the only LMP message that must be
    transmitted over the data link.
    5.The control channels
    can be used to exchange control-plane information such as link
    provisioning and fault management information (implemented using a
    messaging protocol such as LMP, proposed in this document), path
    management and label distribution information (implemented using a
    signaling protocol such as RSVP-TE [RFC3209]), and network topology
    and state distribution information (implemented using traffic
    engineering extensions of protocols such as OSPF [RFC3630] and IS-IS