Killer Expression

  1. Day 4
    • Could you do me a favor?
      I’d be happy to.
    • What’s the due date for this report?
      Next Tuesday.
    • This building was built about 4 years ago, wasn’t it?
      That’s true.
    • Why is Mr.Reynolds taking another job?
      The salaries are better.
    • Who has the designs for the new building project?
      The secretary should have them.
    • Where did Ms.Wilson leave the fabric samples?
      At the reception area.
    • Mr. Lockwood, can you submit this expense report today?
      Sure, I’ll do it right now.
    • When will the rental rates go up?
      At the beginning of next month.
    • Does your new printer work fine?
      I haven’t had any problems.
    • Why is Ms.Anderson working late tonight?
      She has to finish the sales report.
    • Do you plan to renew you rent contract or look for another one?
    • Maybe she will contact you tomorrow.
    • You have to bring your sales receipt with you to get a refund.
    • All items will be on sale from next week.
    • I think I lost my briefcase somewhere on the way.
    • Have they finished the briefing yet?
    • What time does the fax from New York arrive?
    • The facts are pretty clear in this case.
  2. Day 5
    • How is the new fax machine working?
      I haven’t used it yet.
    • Where’s the nearest bus stop?
      Where would you like to go?
    • Are there any seats available for tonight’s show?
      Let me check.
    • Do you think you’ll be moving back to Korea?
      I haven’t decided it yet.
    • How long will the sales seminar be delayed?
      We’re not certain yet.
    • When is the new date for the marketing conference?
      It hasn’t been confirmed yet.
    • Would you like my home number or the work number?
      Where can i reach you more easily?
    • Didn’t Mr.Anderson hand in the insurance paperwork yesterday?
      I’ll ask him at the meeting.
    • What was the memo from the accounting about?
      I haven’t read it yet.
    • What is included in next year’s budget?
      Didn’t you get the report?
    • Who would you like to speak to?
    • The speech was perfect for this occasion.
    • We’ll reach our final destination in 30 minutes.
    • You have reached the maintenance office. How may i help you?
    • What did you do during your leave of absence.
    • I live a few blocks away from here.
    • When is the new product demonstration beginning?
    • He will be at the central station in 30 minutes.