Killer Expression

  1. Day 4
    • Could you do me a favor?
      I’d be happy to.
    • What’s the due date for this report?
      Next Tuesday.
    • This building was built about 4 years ago, wasn’t it?
      That’s true.
    • Why is Mr.Reynolds taking another job?
      The salaries are better.
    • Who has the designs for the new building project?
      The secretary should have them.
    • Where did Ms.Wilson leave the fabric samples?
      At the reception area.
    • Mr. Lockwood, can you submit this expense report today?
      Sure, I’ll do it right now.
    • When will the rental rates go up?
      At the beginning of next month.
    • Does your new printer work fine?
      I haven’t had any problems.
    • Why is Ms.Anderson working late tonight?
      She has to finish the sales report.
    • Do you plan to renew you rent contract or look for another one?
    • Maybe she will contact you tomorrow.
    • You have to bring your sales receipt with you to get a refund.
    • All items will be on sale from next week.
    • I think I lost my briefcase somewhere on the way.
    • Have they finished the briefing yet?
    • What time does the fax from New York arrive?
    • The facts are pretty clear in this case.
  2. Day 5
    • How is the new fax machine working?
      I haven’t used it yet.
    • Where’s the nearest bus stop?
      Where would you like to go?
    • Are there any seats available for tonight’s show?
      Let me check.
    • Do you think you’ll be moving back to Korea?
      I haven’t decided it yet.
    • How long will the sales seminar be delayed?
      We’re not certain yet.
    • When is the new date for the marketing conference?
      It hasn’t been confirmed yet.
    • Would you like my home number or the work number?
      Where can i reach you more easily?
    • Didn’t Mr.Anderson hand in the insurance paperwork yesterday?
      I’ll ask him at the meeting.
    • What was the memo from the accounting about?
      I haven’t read it yet.
    • What is included in next year’s budget?
      Didn’t you get the report?
    • Who would you like to speak to?
    • The speech was perfect for this occasion.
    • We’ll reach our final destination in 30 minutes.
    • You have reached the maintenance office. How may i help you?
    • What did you do during your leave of absence.
    • I live a few blocks away from here.
    • When is the new product demonstration beginning?
    • He will be at the central station in 30 minutes.

Killer Expression

  1. Day 1
    • The man is working at his desk.
    • The worker is working with some tools.
    • The woman is playing an instrument.
    • The man is holding a box.
    • They are wearing hats.
    • The women are facing each other.
    • Some boxes have been stacked.
    • The woman is walking along the path.
    • The man are working on the roof
    • They are boarding the airplane.
    • They are stepping down from a vehicle.
    • The woman is lying on the grass.
    • The man is wearing glasses.
    • There is a man with a broom on the stairway.
    • The flowers are in bloom in the garden.
  2. Day 2
    • The man is operating a piece of equipment.
    • They are carrying something together.
    • An airplane had landed on the ground.
    • The woman are checking the monitor.
    • There is a lamp on both sides of the bed.
    • One woman is facing a group of people.
    • Crops are planted in rows.
    • The man is carrying a ladder.
    • The man is writing a letter.
    • The woman is holding a piece of paper.
    • The woman is folding some papers in halves.
    • The man is wearing a mask.
    • The man is studying to master English.
    • The ships are docked at a pier.
    • The sheep are grazing in the field.
  3. Day 3
    • The door has been left open.
    • One man is wearing something around his neck.
    • Cushions have been placed on the sofa.
    • Some of them are wearing glasses.
    • Some people are standing as a group.
    • The path leads to the entrance of the house.
    • The desk is occupied at the moment.
    • The girl is riding a bicycle.
    • The woman is writing a letter.
    • The man is pushing a cart in a supermarket.
    • The woman is sending a card.
    • The car is parked at the garage.
    • They are walking along the path.
    • The boat is next to the dock.
    • The ducks are swimming in the water.



lamp: an object that produces light by using electricity, oil, or gas
maid: a female servant, especially in a large house or hotel

pillow: a cloth bag filled with soft material that you put your head on when you are sleeping

pave: to cover a path, road, area etc with a hard level surface such as blocks of stone

comb: a flat piece of plastic, metal etc with a row of thin teeth on one side, used for making your hair tidy

graze: if an animal grazes, or if you graze it, it eats grass that is growing

sheep: a farm animal that is kept for its wool and its meat
mask: something that covers all or part of your face, to protect or to hide it
fold: to bend a piece of paper, cloth etc by laying or pressing one part over another
ladder: a piece of equipment used for climbing up to or down from high places. A ladder has two bars that are connected by RUNGs
bloom: a flower or flowers
stairway: a staircase, especially a large or impressive one

broom: a large brush with a long handle, used for sweeping floors

tape: narrow plastic material covered with a special MAGNETIC substance,on which you can record sounds, pictures, or computer information
arrange: to organize or make plans for something such as a meeting, party, or trip

shovel: a tool with a rounded blade and a long handle used for moving earth, stones etc

oversee: to be in charge of a group of workers and check that a piece of work is done satisfactorily
dock: a place in a port where ships are loaded, unloaded, or repaired
pedestrian: someone who is walking, especially along a street or other place used by cars
patron: someone who supports the activities of an organization, for example by giving money
ceiling: the inner surface of the top part of a room
fabric: cloth used for making clothes, curtains etc

sewing: the activity or skill of making or repairing clothes or decorating cloth with a needle and thread

facilitate: formal to make it easier for a process or activity to happen
transmission: the process of sending out electronic signals, messages etc, using radio, television, or other similar equipment
correlation: a connect between two ideas, facts etc, especially when one may be the cause of the other



memo: a short official note to another person in the same company or organization
renovate: to repair a building or old furniture so that it is in good condition again
seminar: a class at a university or college for a small group of students and a teacher to study or discuss a particular subject.
briefing: information or instructions that you get before you have to do something
refund: an amount of money that is given back to you if you are not satisfied with the goods or services that you have paid for
due date: the date on which something is supposed to happen
bow: to bend the top part of your body forward in order to show respect for someone important, or as a way of thanking an audience
stun: to surprise or upset someone so much that they do not react immediately

porch: an entrance covered by a roof outside the front door of a house or church

lead: to take someone somewhere by going in front of them while they follow, or by pulling them gently

cushion: a cloth bag filled with soft material that you put on a chair or the floor to make it more comfortable

painting: a painted picture that you put on a wall for people to see
trophy: a large object such as a silver cup or plate that someone receives as a prize for winning a competition
reception: a particular type of welcome for someone, or a particular type of reaction to their ideas, work etc

railing: a metal fence that is made of a series of upright bars

trail: to pull something behind you, especially along the ground, or to be pulled in this way

decorate: to paint the inside of a room, put special paper on the walls etc
crop: a plant such as wheat, rice, or fruit that is grown by farmers and used as food
microscope: a scientific instrument that makes extremely small things look larger
vacant: a vacant seat, building, room or piece of land is empty and available for someone to use
bar: a small of solid material that is longer than its wide