BGP-4 RFC4271

  1. The primary function of a BGP speaking system is to exchange network reachability information with other BGP systems.
  2. RIB: Routing Information Base

Internet Protocol(IP) RFC791

  1. The internet protocol implements two basic functions:
    • addressing
    • fragmentation
  2. The internet modules use the addresses carried in the internet header to transmit internet datagrams toward their destinations. The selection of a path for transmission is called routing.


  1. RFC5440[PCEP]
    • Open and Keepalive
    • PCReq
    • PCRep
    • PCNft
    • PCErr
    • Close
  2. draft-ietf-pce-gmpls-pcep-extensions-11 不对称业务请求
  3. LMP主要用来邻居节点链路发现,OSPF通过洪泛发现拓扑,PCEP discovery(PCED)消息来找到pce位置
  4. RFC4657: stateful pce
  5. pce-initiation: draft-ietf-pce-pce-initiated-lsp-10 首节点建路
  6. pce-ls: draft-dhodylee-pce-pcep-ls-08 取代ospf,但有bgp-ls(RFC7752)
    • The fastest way for a PCE to be updated on TED changes is via a direct interface with each network node and with incremental update from each network node with only the attribute that is modified.
  7. pce-cc: draft-ietf-teas-pce-central-control-05 改水平信令(串行发放)为垂直信令(并行发放)
  8. Hierarchical-PCE[RFC6805]
  9. draft-ietf-pce-applicability-actn-00

rfc 4655 pce architecture

  1. TE information is not exchanged across the domain boundaries.
  2. Motivation of a PCE-Based Architecture
    2.1 CPU-Intensive Path Computation
    2.2 Partial Visibility
  3. PCE is not considered to be a solution that is applicable to the entire Internet.